Cattery of Purebred Siamese

Happy Families

Please enjoy some comments and photos from some of our happy families with their new Siamese Kitten or Cat.

Dr. Rick Brinkman

1)  I highly recommend Rosebud Siamese as a source for your future feline family members. Every aspect of our interaction was wonderful, professionally handled and expedient. Our two kittens had to make a 12 hour 45 minute trip on Delta to Portland, Oregon from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Including the carrier for them to make the trip was another example of Rosebud excellence in service.

2) I also HIGHLY recommend that you get two kittens at one time, an unrelated male and female.
We have found that they form a natural wonderful bond with each other. It was true with our first pair in 1986 and it is now true with Neelix and Leela from Rosebud. This happens for a number of reasons.
1. They arrive together so no one has claimed “territory” or claimed the “humans” as their own.
2. They are kittens and they love to play, wrestle and chase each other around the house so they grow up as friends.
3. There is a natural gravitation for a male and female, even spayed and neutered to bond together.
They came out of the box from Delta completely bonded and they remain that way 4 years later as adults.

But think about it from their perspective.  Your human may love you but no one knows how to do your ears like another cat or give you a facial. Or having a friend who understands the joy of sharing a mouse stakeout in the garage for hours. Or having someone warm and soft to cuddle with.

Their loving and playful relationship with each other is a joy for us. And whether we leave them on their own for an evening or if we go away for a few days (of course with people they know coming twice a day), the peace and satisfaction of knowing they are not alone in an empty house but have each other is priceless.
Here is a link to download a video of them giving each other a facial which is the evening nap ritual.
Dr Rick Brinkman


Thank you for our beautiful baby, Skyler. His eyes are as blue as the sky. He’s so precious, intelligent, playful and affectionate. I’ve had so many compliments on how gorgeous he is. They want to hold, hug, kiss him and then take him home with them. Such a purr box and a love bug, too. Everyone wants to know where I got him. Truly, I believe you make a great difference in people lives on your chosen profession as a Siamese breeder. You have touched my life on so many different levels, that I’m quite certain God Blessed me on finding you. You are a very loving, generous, and such a kind person with a wonderful sense of humor. I believe this portrays who you are inside and out and defines you & your husband on the dedication to raising & breeding such wonderful Cats. To being welcomed into your home by you & your husband is a true testimony of the number of years you’ve been married and raising your children, grandchildren and all the four legged furry feline babies. Not only do we have a new bundle of joy to our family.. I feel we were suppose to meet & I really treasure our developing a wonderful friendship. Love to hear about what’s going on with you & your family. I will keep in touch & send more photos your way.   Carolyn Mitchell

Jekyll & Fang

Thank you as always Sharon….honestly…I have yet to see a cat on your website that isn’t beautiful…current and former Kings and Queens!  I think people don’t quite understand the passion we cat lovers have…especially for the Siamese breed.  It amazes me that the first question I get after I show pics of Jekyll and Fang…after they say how beautiful they are….is: “are they mean?”  For some reason, Siamese have gotten that reputation.  You and I both know that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Especially my twins….so lovable and people friendly.  In fact, my friend Dan who picked them up for me was in town on business last month and stayed with me a couple of days.  I almost felt neglected by the kittens they were so taken with him.  Hahaha.  I agree with you that the conditions under which they are bred greatly influences their socialization and personality.  It has definitely been evident in my twins!  I’m so glad I got two indeed!

Take great care, I will send pics periodically for you and your husband….


PS….I finally go my Life’s Abundance auto-fill adjusted to the right delivery time.  I’ve had two adjust it twice….they love that food…love it.


Hey he is doing good. Kinda scared but he did amazing on the ride home. I will keep you updated. And I think what you are doing is great. I love that they are raised in your house and around you all the time. We looked at another cat a few years ago and it was a cattery too but it was super scary and not clean and in a outbuilding so this was a great experience for us as well and you and your husband were very nice and super friendly and invited us into your home. All of your babies were beautiful. Thank you so much. Our boys have named him Po (off Kung Fu Panda) . He seems to like it! I will send you pics as he grows. Thank you again He is the most wonderful cat. He is better than I could have even hoped for! I love how affectionate and playful he is, and his meow is so sweet! Thank you so very much! Casey

Elton & Eldon

Hi Sharon, I hope this finds you well! We are all fine and so enjoying our “E” boys – Elton and Eldon (known to us a Rocky and Mo)Today is their second birthday and I couldn’t resist contacting you and sending pictures of our boys. We just love them dearly! What awesome, wonderful kitties they are! (Rocky is helping me type this!)As you may be able to tell from the picture, Rocky has a few extra pounds on Mo. I’m hoping that Rocky’s body style is like his dad’s (Beau) and Mo got Neela’s svelt figure. It’s either that or Rocky loves his Life’s Abundance cat food a bit too much! Again, thank you so much for providing such wonderful additions to our family. Both boys are just so sweet.

Take care,Barb Cunningham