Happy Families

Please enjoy some comments and photos from some of our happy families with their new Siamese Kitten or Cat.

Dr. Rick Brinkman

1)  I highly recommend Rosebud Siamese as a source for your future feline family members. Every aspect of our interaction was wonderful, professionally handled and expedient. Our two kittens had to make a 12 hour 45 minute trip on Delta to Portland, Oregon from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Including the carrier for them to make the … Read more


Sharon, Thank you for our beautiful baby, Skyler. His eyes are as blue as the sky. He’s so precious, intelligent, playful and affectionate. I’ve had so many compliments on how gorgeous he is. They want to hold, hug, kiss him and then take him home with them. Such a purr box and a love bug, too. Everyone … Read more

Jekyll & Fang

Thank you as always Sharon….honestly…I have yet to see a cat on your website that isn’t beautiful…current and former Kings and Queens!  I think people don’t quite understand the passion we cat lovers have…especially for the Siamese breed.  It amazes me that the first question I get after I show pics of Jekyll and Fang…after … Read more

Elton & Eldon

Hi Sharon, I hope this finds you well! We are all fine and so enjoying our “E” boys – Elton and Eldon (known to us a Rocky and Mo)Today is their second birthday and I couldn’t resist contacting you and sending pictures of our boys. We just love them dearly! What awesome, wonderful kitties they … Read more

Our Mabel

There she sat, firmly in my heart; my beautiful sealpoint Siamese, Veronica.  For eleven years, when I sat, she was on my lap, and when I stood she leaned against my leg.  And, when we slept, she slept in my arms and I would often awaken in the night to soft little kitty kisses.  But, … Read more

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