Jekyll & Fang

Thank you as always Sharon….honestly…I have yet to see a cat on your website that isn’t beautiful…current and former Kings and Queens!  I think people don’t quite understand the passion we cat lovers have…especially for the Siamese breed.  It amazes me that the first question I get after I show pics of Jekyll and Fang…after they say how beautiful they are….is: “are they mean?”  For some reason, Siamese have gotten that reputation.  You and I both know that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Especially my twins….so lovable and people friendly.  In fact, my friend Dan who picked them up for me was in town on business last month and stayed with me a couple of days.  I almost felt neglected by the kittens they were so taken with him.  Hahaha.  I agree with you that the conditions under which they are bred greatly influences their socialization and personality.  It has definitely been evident in my twins!  I’m so glad I got two indeed!

Take great care, I will send pics periodically for you and your husband….


PS….I finally go my Life’s Abundance auto-fill adjusted to the right delivery time.  I’ve had two adjust it twice….they love that food…love it.

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