Cattery of Purebred Siamese

Our Mabel

There she sat, firmly in my heart; my beautiful sealpoint Siamese, Veronica.  For eleven years, when I sat, she was on my lap, and when I stood she leaned against my leg.  And, when we slept, she slept in my arms and I would often awaken in the night to soft little kitty kisses.  But, then she got sick….very sick.  The Dr. had only ugly news for me.  Fortunately, God was listening in and I think He said, “Well, we’re a little short on fabulous cats right now, and I see a spectacular one down there that I will call Home.”  And, He did.  I think that God was pleased, and that Veronica was healthy and happy, but there was still…   Me, with a broken heart.  I thought ‘This was awful, I’m never going through this again, I’ll never get another cat.’  But, that just sounded wrong.  We had eleven wonderful fun loving years together and one ugly week.  How could I negate eleven of the best for just one hideous week?  How unfair to her.  And, so, I called Sharon, who had a darling little girl who had just been waitin’ around for me.  She’s not a replacement for Veronica, our new Mabel.  She’s a Tribute to her and the eleven great years she gave me.  I’m not the youngest chick in the hen house, so it just might be that He’ll call me Home before her, but my family will love her too.  I still mourn for our beautiful girl, but not as often, or as long.  I’m rushed searching for Busy Balls, and I’m pretty sure a catnip mouse has been deposited in my purse.  I’d hate to have that fall out when I get my wallet at a restaurant.  And, when I go to bed tonight, I will hold little Mabel in my arms, and feel, in the middle of the night, little kitty kisses softly on my cheek.  They are healing kisses from Mabel.  Or, are they?  Maybe somebody just wants to say ” thanks for eleven of the best.”

Jari Gropp 


Hi Sharon!
I just had to email you again and tell you how much we love Theodore. He’s such a wonderful little boy.  My kids love him and he cuddles with us every night.  He’s stolen all our hearts with his gentle, sweet, loving temperment.  We’ve never met such a wonderful cat.  My boys play with him all day, carrying him all over the house.  Then at night he plays pounce on the dog and cuddles with me and my husband.  My husband has quite fallen in love with him too, he thought no one could be as cool as the cat he had growing up but Theodore is giving her a run for her money.  We will be coming back to you the next time we want to add a feline family member to our home, and every time after that.

Thank you so much!
Emily M. and family

Rose & Lilly

Here are some pictures.  We kept the name “rose” (pink collar) but changed reese (white collar) to “lilly. ”  I will have to take more action cat pictures for you.  They were so good with the kids and on their first vet visit…so calm. Thanks for such beauties!  I am amazed at how easy they travel in the car/motorhome with us.  They are with us at all times no matter what we are doing this summer.  I have had siamese for more than 35 years and have never seen any that were so sweet like these two. Dawn Palm-Leis


Dash & Loki

The cats are doing great!  Dash is very handsome and outgoing.  He plays fetch and amazes us with his ability to jump.  He somehow manages to find his way on top of cabinets as high as 7 feet!  Loki is also doing well.  She is a little smaller and a little more shy, but is more vocal, particularly when she cannot find Dash.   We couldn’t be happier with our new family members.

Congrats on starting up on your own.  I can only imagine the amount of work that is.  More than a few people have asked where I was able to get such social kittens. If anyone I know is thinking about getting a kitten I will be sure to send them your way. I will most definitely write a reference for you on behalf of my entire family.  Thank you again for Dash and Loki.  The last 8 months have been great.

best of luck and take care,
srini mukundan


Sharon, you were very helpful when we got Sapphire.  I was very impressed by the kitties you had in your home, and how well they were cared  for.  I know you love and miss Sapphire.  We love her, too!  She’s a sweet kitty!  I am hoping she is pregnant with her first litter.  I know the kittens will be just beautiful.
Thanks for your help and good luck with your new cattery!  Please come visit Sapphire some time.
– Debra