Available Siamese Kittens



Siamese Kittens are $800.00, $300.00 non-refundable deposit to hold a kitten. We do not allow visits for health reasons for our cats & kittens. You can contact me for pictures and sometimes video’s. Don’t usually take pictures till 5 weeks old. We reserve the right to have first pick from any litter. If you are seriously interested in one of our Kittens. Please read the “Purchase Page” thank you.  

Call for information: 260-432-5308, this is a landline phone.
email: rosebud2953@msn.com

Kittens are ready to go at 9 to 12 weeks, breeders discretion.  




Sunday Rose & Maximus kittens

4 kittens born 1/12/21

  1. Seal girl reserved for Dominick D
  2. Seal boy reserved for Eric D
  3. Chocolate girl staying here
  4. Chocolate boy Kristin R reserved


Moonie & Maximus kittens

2 kittens born 2/16/21

1. Seal point girl, reserved for Shauta M

2. Chocolate boy Kelsey S reserved 

Rosalee & Maximus

Due the middle of March


Lumin & Sterling

Due the middle of March




Waiting list
For Spring & Fall
  1. Patrick T Seal female reserved
  2. Brenda L reserved
  3. Paula C Seal male reserved
  4. Paula C Seal or Choc male reserved
  5. Lisa B reserved
  6. Lisa B reserved
  7. Sharon T Blue point reserved 
  8. Mae G chocolate boy or girl reserved 
  9. Kathy S female blue point reserved 
  10. Angela & Ted K seal female 
  11. Jesse M Seal or Blue female
  12. Susanne 
  13. Ann L
  14. Amy S lilac or blue
  15. Jodi Merrion Seal male
  16. Amber E 
  17. Steve
  18. Steve
  19. Rebecca A female 
  20. Stephanie J blue male
  21. Carla 
  22. Jedidiah B
  23. Johnathan M
  24. jon C
  25. Ronda K
  26. Jamie C female chocolate 
  27. Atsushi K
  28. BJ seal
  29. Elisabeth C 
  30. Kip M seal 
  31. Matt B seal 
  32. Cameryn L Blue point 
  33. Heather M
  34. Hilary Z
  35. Kristin G
  36. Peggy T
  37. Lori W seal male
  38. Fernando S chocolate female
  39. Judith M 
  40. Carisa 
  41. Lizzie R chocolate male

Siamese kittens are born completely white and darken with age. From his distinctive color points to his blue eyes, your Siamese is perhaps the most easily recognized breed. … But his lovely coat and chatty meow are something that your young Siamese kitten will grow into.

 Color Points Chart
Seal x Seal Seal , Blue , Chocolate, Lilac
Seal x Blue Seal , Blue , Chocolate, Lilac
Seal x Chocolate Seal , Blue , Chocolate, Lilac
Seal x Lilac Seal , Blue , Chocolate, Lilac
Blue x Chocolate Seal , Blue , Chocolate, Lilac
Blue x Blue Blue , Lilac
Blue x Lilac Blue , Lilac
Chocolate x Chocolate Chocolate, Lilac
Chocolate x Lilac Chocolate, Lilac
Lilac x Lilac Lilac