Cattery of Purebred Siamese

Available Siamese Kittens


Siamese Kittens are $700.00, $300.00 non-refundable deposit to hold a kitten. We do not allow visits for health reasons for our cats & kittens. You can contact me for pictures and sometimes video’s. We reserve the right to have first pick from any litter. If you are seriously interested in one of our Kittens. Please read the Purchase Page.

Call for information: 260-432-5308




Moonie & Jacopo

2 male kittens born 10/25/17


                     1 Chocolate point male, reserved for Andrea C.

         2. Blue point male reserved for Kip W.



  Tura & Sterling

5 kittens born 11/3/17

Looks like 2 girls and 3 boys.

Not sure of color points yet.

3 1/2 weeks old 

1. Lilac pt male reserved for Melissa L.

        2. Chocolate female reserved  for Melissa L.

3 Seal female pending Cynthia N.

                        4. Seal or Chocolate male pending for Cynthia N.

5.Lilac Male available


Second Hand Rose & Sterling

Born 11/8/17

3 weeks old

1. Blue pt male reserved for Marian Fisher.

    2. Lilac pt female reserved for Marian Fisher.



Color Points Chart
Seal x Seal Seal , Blue , Chocolate, Lilac
Seal x Blue Seal , Blue , Chocolate, Lilac
Seal x Chocolate Seal , Blue , Chocolate, Lilac
Seal x Lilac Seal , Blue , Chocolate, Lilac
Blue x Chocolate Seal , Blue , Chocolate, Lilac
Blue x Blue Blue , Lilac
Blue x Lilac Blue , Lilac
Chocolate x Chocolate Chocolate, Lilac
Chocolate x Lilac Chocolate, Lilac
Lilac x Lilac Lilac