Thank you for our beautiful baby, Skyler. His eyes are as blue as the sky. He’s so precious, intelligent, playful and affectionate. I’ve had so many compliments on how gorgeous he is. They want to hold, hug, kiss him and then take him home with them. Such a purr box and a love bug, too. Everyone wants to know where I got him. Truly, I believe you make a great difference in people lives on your chosen profession as a Siamese breeder. You have touched my life on so many different levels, that I’m quite certain God Blessed me on finding you. You are a very loving, generous, and such a kind person with a wonderful sense of humor. I believe this portrays who you are inside and out and defines you & your husband on the dedication to raising & breeding such wonderful Cats. To being welcomed into your home by you & your husband is a true testimony of the number of years you’ve been married and raising your children, grandchildren and all the four legged furry feline babies. Not only do we have a new bundle of joy to our family.. I feel we were suppose to meet & I really treasure our developing a wonderful friendship. Love to hear about what’s going on with you & your family. I will keep in touch & send more photos your way.   Carolyn Mitchell

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