Cattery of Purebred Siamese

Our Queens

 Calista Rose

Calista Rose

A Seal Point Traditional Siamese

 CFF & TCA registered

Dob 11/30/13

Our Breeding from Beauregard & Amaya Rose

Lumin Rose 

My Sweet Chocolat Lumin Rose

A Chocolate Traditional Siamese

 CFF registered

DOB 3/12/15

Our breeding from Logan & Calista Rose

Secondhand Rose 

Second Hand Rose

A Lilac Point Traditional Siamese She is

CFF registered

DOB 11/11/15

Our breeding from Mickey Blue Eyes (AKA Jaxson)  & Elsa Rose

Her name came from “Funny Girl”

Tura Lura Lullaby

Tura Lura Lullaby

A Traditional Chocolate Point Siamese

CFF registered

DOB 5/4/2016

Our breeding from Beauregard & Elsa Rose

Her name is from an Irish Lullaby

Sunday Rose

Sunday Rose

A Traditional Classic Seal Point Siamese

CFF registered

DOB 12/18/16

Daughter of Calista Rose & Logan

She was born on a Sunday


Gemma Rose

 Gemma Rose

A traditional Apple Head Seal Point Siamese

CFF Registered

DOB 6/21/17

Daughter of Calista Rose & Logan

Beauregard is her grandfather