Hey he is doing good. Kinda scared but he did amazing on the ride home. I will keep you updated. And I think what you are doing is great. I love that they are raised in your house and around you all the time. We looked at another cat a few years ago and it was a cattery too but it was super scary and not clean and in a outbuilding so this was a great experience for us as well and you and your husband were very nice and super friendly and invited us into your home. All of your babies were beautiful. Thank you so much. Our boys have named him Po (off Kung Fu Panda) . He seems to like it! I will send you pics as he grows. Thank you again He is the most wonderful cat. He is better than I could have even hoped for! I love how affectionate and playful he is, and his meow is so sweet! Thank you so very much! Casey

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