Cattery of Purebred Siamese

About Our Cattery



We love the Traditional and Classic Siamese so much we decided to breed them. It has been a joy raising the little kittens and preparing them for there new family’s. All our cats are well loved and pre-spoiled. We do not believe in cages, so we don’t use them. The girls run the house and the boys have their own bedroom. Our cats only get the best, they are fed Life’s Abundance dry and wet food.  We keep our numbers small as to give lots of attention to our cats and kittens. They are very socialized from birth. Our primary goal is to raise healthy loveable Traditional and Classic Siamese with great personalities that will bring their new family many years of happiness. We take pride in knowing our kittens will have friendly loveable personalities. We handle them from birth and spend lots of time with each kitten, petting, playing and talking to them every day (this is the part that I love to do). Elvis is our pet, he is the true King of the house.

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